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Fifty Shades Darker Audiobook is the second part of the Fifty Shades Series franchise. Fifty Shades Darker Audiobook is the second part novel of the fifty shades franchise. The novel is part of a trilogy series and is published by the Vintage Books Co. in 2012. The book is based on erotic fiction genre. The novel became a best-seller in the series and has also been adapted into a blockbuster movie.

fifty shades darker audiobook

Fifty Shades Darker Audiobook – Novel Details:

The story is a seductive tale of two people in a physically bound love relationship with one another. The story unfolds as Christian and Ana fall for each other again after being physically attracted to each other in a reception party. This leads to another seduction tale to begin only this time Ana has taken in charge as the dominant and asks Grey to be the submissive. However, through the novel, the sexual contract turns into a genuine love relationship with both of them getting engaged to be married by the end chapter.

Critical reception:

The novel was very well-received by the audiences as it was a much-awaited sequel to the seductive fifty shades of the grey novel. The book ranked on top charts scoring a number 2 spot on the New York Times best-selling novel’s list.

Film adaptation

The fifty shades darker is a film that is the sequel to fifty shades of grey. The movie was produced under the Universal Studios banner and released worldwide in 2015. The film starred Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in the lead roles and was directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.

About The Author (E. L. James):

E. L. James is an English author; full name Erika Mitchell Leonard. Born in 1963, James is a professional novelist, screenplay writer, and film producer. He is a graduate from University of Kent and is married with two children.

Listen And Download Fifty Shades Darker Audiobook:

Listen To Fifty Shades Darker Audiobook For Free By E. L. James. Enjoy the joy of the erotic and sensational portions of the book in audio version.

Fifty Shades Darker Audiobook By Becca Battoe


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