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Insurgent Audiobook is an entwine and intense dystopian trilogy. Science fiction based on young and mature novel Insurgent is authored by Veronica Roth which was originally published on 1st May 2012. It also features romance, dystopian and utopian fiction by targeting the young and grown-up audience.

Publisher of the book is Harper Collins Children`s books comprising of 525 pages. Insurgent is preceded by Divergent and followed by Allegiant. Insurgent won Romantic Times Reviewers Award in 2011 and Goodreads Choice Award for Best fantasy in 2012.

Insurgent Audiobook

Insurgent Audiobook – Details And Review:

The storyline of Insurgent features a brave heroine who is fierce and young. It proves to be an explosive story of three teenagers who make a sacrifice to reveal the society secret. The plot continues from Divergent and progresses seamlessly. Teenagers have to make wise choices in order to save their loved ones. The story is filled with forgiveness, grief, politics, love, and loyalty. Secrets of different characters will emerge and transformation in decisions will shift the relationships. Tris will be haunted by guilt and grief and story will take a thrill will powerful twist, romance, heartbreaks, and insights about humans.


Insurgent Audiobook offers many violent encounters, deaths, fraught situations and faces a constant threat. However, the language used in the story is mild but the critiques pointed out the passionate scenes which may seem inappropriate to the targeted audience. The end leaves a provoking message to ensure a peaceful and productive environment for the society.

Movie adaptation:

The action-adventure Sci-Fi American movie is based on Divergent series. It was released in London on 11th March 2015 by Lionsgate starring Shailene Woodley and direction was done by Robert Schwentke.

About Author (Veronica Roth):

Roth is a New York Times bestselling American novelist born on 19th August 1988. Veronica Roth is successful in presenting a fast-paced plot which further governs the structure of the story by introducing new characters, in-depth details, and twists progress with the story. Her devoted writing features intensely mature and brave women who are able to face every hurdle and overcome obstacles in life.

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Insurgent Audiobook by Veronica Roth is a popular romantic science fictional novel. The Novel is present in 6 parts which include all the chapters of the novel

Insurgent Audiobook


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