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Neuromancer Audiobook is a novel written by William Gibson. It is a Science Fiction Novel. The cover artist for the novel is James Warhola. It is not wrong to say that it is one of the best-known works in the field of Cyberpunk. This novel won the Nebula Award, Hugo Award, and Philip K. Dick Award. It was the beginning of Sprawl trilogy and Gibson’s debut novel. The novel was published on July 1, 1984, by Ace publishers.

Neuromancer Audiobook

Neuromancer Audiobook – Review And Details:

Neuromancer is the novel that takes place in the cyberpunk setting of the near future. Cyberpunk is the setting where technologies become advanced along with the future, but also crime and corruption advanced as well. The themes that the author majorly discussed in his book are drug use, violence, technology, and humanity. Majority of the characters in the novel are frequent users of drugs. Use of the drug in this novel is not presented in a positive light. The advancement of technology in this novel shows the human can enter a matrix where they can live a second life. But this advancement causes loss in humanity. The prevalence factor of violence shows that it results because of the use of drugs and technological advancement.

Neuromancer Audiobook is a popular science-fictional novel written by William Gibson. The novel was originally published on July 1, 1984. Its book 1 of the Series Sprawl Trilogy. The book follows the genre of Cyberpunk, Novel, Science Fiction, Dystopian Fiction. It has a rating of 3.9 Stars Rating on Good Reads.

Plot Review:

The main protagonist of the novel is Case, who is an unemployed computer hacker. He is now hired by a new employer called Armitage. He has a team with Molly a cyborg and a thief and illusionist called Peter Riviera. Their aim is to carry out a series of crimes that are used to play out in the space station called Freeride. It is the home of the wealthy Tessier Asphool family. The end of the novel shows the brave living of the Case in a fairly new world where the Artificial Intelligences possess nearly zero power.

About Author (William Gibson):

William Ford Gibson was born on March 17. 1948 is an American-Canadian fiction writer and essayist. His notable works include pioneering science fiction novel with the genre cyberpunk.

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Neuromancer Audiobook is given below in 6 parts which include all the chapters of the book, Start listening to it today and enjoy it.

Neuromancer Audiobook

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