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The Maze Runner Audiobook is a novel authored by American writer James Dashner. The book is based on young fictional post-apocalyptic genre. It’s the Firsth Book in The Maze Runner Audiobook Series. The maze runner is an American novel. The book is authored by James Dashner. The book is part of a trilogy novel series titled the same. The book was originally released in the United States in the English language. The book was published in 2009 by the Delacorte Press. The book is now available in media type hardcover, paperback, and audiobook. The book is based on young post-apocalyptic fiction genre.

the maze runner audiobook

The Maze Runner Audiobook – Novel Review And Details:

The book is centered on main character Thomas who is leading a relatively simple and regular life until one day, he finds himself in a locked elevator. All of a sudden, one morning – this surely leaves him confused. But will he be able to escape the maze in order to return to reality?

Critical Acclaim

The Maze Runner Audiobook became a phenomenal success. It was warmly embraced by the audiences and the critics alike. The book was the first part of a trilogy series and it surely managed to boost the excitement level of the players for the coming parts of the novel series. The book was critically acclaimed by several leading publications as well.

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Feature film version

It was announced in 2013’s beginning that Fox Entertainment is all set to produce a movie that will be based on the novel. The filming for the movie began in 2013 and it was released under the Fox banner in 2014. The movie starred Dylan O’Brien in the lead role. Wes Ball directed the movie.

About Author (James Dashner):

James Dashner authored the novel the maze runner. Born in the United States, James Dashner has achieved milestones in his life by working on several best-selling books including the fever code and the journal of curious letters.

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The Maze Runner Audiobook is presented by Audible. Listen To The Maze Runner Audiobook Complete from below. It includes the maze runner audiobook all chapters.

The Maze Runner Audiobook


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